Welcome to Daisy’s page. Daisy is a 11year old 17hand registered Clydesdale. Daisy is Kelsey’s personal horse, who commands attention everywhere she goes. Not only are her looks jaw dropping, but she has a personality to match it. She absolutely loves people and comes running when you call for her. Daisy excels in hunters and has even done some jumping in the past. She has been to numerous farms for schooling as well as hunter paces and pleasure riding, such as Breezy Run, Five Springs and┬áRosaryville State Park. Daisy has even made a surprise visit to a nursing home where she greeted many smiling faces! ┬áDaisy lives up to the saying “Gentle Giants” as she is gentle enough for anyone to handle including children! She is wonderful and even lets you sit under here while brushing her feathers on her legs. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and is such a blessing to have in our family.