Minnie and Hamilton (Hammie) are our small mini pigs. They are the smallest breed of pig called Juliana pigs, they are also unique because they are mule footed meaning they have one solid hoof  and not one hoof split down the middle. Minnie and Hammie will mature to be about 45lbs. They love treats and being petted! They are both very, very smart and are 4 years old and  potty trained! Minnie and Hamilton live inside and are potty trained to go outside to use the bathroom, like a dog; however, they don’t bark but squeal at the door when they need out.  Ask about Minnie and Hamilton when booking your next pony party or petting zoo event! Your guest are bound to fall in love with their little snouts and tiny tails. They will enjoy your grass while you enjoy their company! Minnie and Hamilton are also available for Nativity scenes.

Breeder information available upon request.






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