Poppy’s Story:


Poppy came to us January of 2013 with another horse as his owner had no place to board them, as the time went by and financial problems became a hardship for his owner we helped lift the burden from her shoulders and took full custody of both horses. We used poppy in our lesson and summer camp program and he did FABULOUS! After getting back on her feet we returned custody of the other horse to their old owner but kept poppy as he was doing fabulous and really blending well in our program! As the season ended poppy lost his job as the weather got bad and we no longer had a job for him so we “Sold” him to a lady in Delaware who we thought was a perfect match. We checked on him in November through frosted windows and from the fence, he had his blanket on and looked happy in his new home munching on the remainder of grass in the field. Later we found out his body told a different story! We lost contact with the “new owner” as she was on a payment plan with us and was two months late, we started to get worried about our boy so we took a drive to Delaware to check on our beloved boy and found out he had been severely neglected. Poppy had lost 150+lbs in the 4 months he was in her care, was covered in a fungus called rainrot, never had his feet done while in her care, was in his stall up to his hocks (ankles) in manure. We left Delaware came home and got our trailer then made the 2hour drive back to Delaware to pick our boy up, He is now a permanent member of our family. He has the best life, living with multiple horses in a big green pasture being loved by our family! ┬áHe is now on the road to recovery and doing amazing! He has a new wardrobe, new/old forever home, a belly full of hay and people to love him till his last days.