Want something fun for your kids to look forward to during these tough times? So do our party animals! They miss all of the love and interaction they received on a daily basis as our business is normally booming this time of year.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were forced to close our barn doors to the public. This has resulted in financial hardships as the animals have many regular bills including, farrier visits, feed, the farm lease, vet visits, medication and even the little things like sawdust and straw, add to our monthly expenses.

It has been our commitment and promise to all the animals since the day they were brought to Cowgirl Up that they would receive the best care and love we could possibly give them. Due to the shut down, we are no longer able to work with the public or one on one for our lessons which is making it extremely difficult to make ends meet.

Most of our animals came from shelters, auctions, or family owned pets they no longer wanted. We would like to ask our valued customers, friends and community to help support the farm as we unveil our new sponsorship program! We would like to offer you a very special opportunity to sponsor a party animal! You will receive a picture of the animal you would like to support, information about the animals, and an invitation to our open house! Once we are able to reopen we will be holding an open house for all the sponsors to come meet and interact with the party animal they sponsored!

Our sponsored animals will range from our horses and ponies, to our pigs, goats, rabbits and mini donkey! This will include weekly updates for one month, each month is $40 for the sponsorship and you can sponsor more then once to get double the updates on different animals! We greatly appreciate all our community and valued customers have done for us and we hope to continue bringing smiles to everyone’s faces while practicing social distancing.